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Lucky for us, TBF has loads of supporters who spread the word and help our cause.  We would like to introduce you to some of them and suggest you drop by their websites and say thank you on our behalf.



6 - efrontThe whole team at Efront are fabulous, and their funky office is worth a visit especially to see the new coffee machine!  In particular, Darren and George built this website.  We literally would not be here without them and we can only imagine the amount of time they have spent, but not actually charged us for.  In fact we know Darren has worked long and hard after hours to make it happen.  We are humbly grateful :-)


 5 - CoastDesign

Jonathan and Patrick from Coast Design are the most amazing design team ever which is why our website, graphics and logo look so fabulous.  We are grateful for the huge amount of time they have dedicated to getting TBF looking good and they were also responsible for the awesome look of FUEL our handbook for young people. 


1 - Food4Media

Food 4 Media, the world's leading food news service, operates in Boston, Sydney, London, Orlando, Auckland, Hong Kong and Dubai.  Our partnership provides direct access to journalists, PR agents, and food related businesses. Food4Media is rapidly becoming the food sector’s standard news distribution resource and we are honoured to have their support.


 2 - BigHat

Big Hat Pictures from Sydney, provide video production and post production services for broadcast, corporate and multimedia. They produce, film and edit our promotional online videos, TVCs and audio visual food education resources. Gaz (who wears the big hat), Sue and the Big Hat team are all committed to our Vision and their care-factor is plain to see.  

3 - UnnamedAdelaide based, TAV Productions is an internationally acclaimed media company who have over 30 years experience in Austrlaian television.  They have filmed and edited our online videos and food education resources as well as becoming champions of our cause within the Adelaide media community.  Neil, Amanda and the TAV team are awesome.




Barilla Australia has supported our cause from the very beginning.  Their Executive Chef, Luca Ciano, starred in the pilot 'Feed Yourself' cooking videos and our crew ate alot of Spaghetti al Pomodoro e Basilico during the shoot! Terry, the big Barilla boss, has contributed his expertise to our strategic plan and is always willing to donate their amazing teaching facility "Casa Barilla" and product for our cooking classes.  A respect for tradition whilst embracing innovation and excellence are Barilla family's vision and values - ours too!