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It is always wonderful to have your cause celebrated by folks with a profile as media attractiveness helps to raise awareness of our Vision.  Our list of ambassadors has quite a few celebrities, but many more who are simply legends in their own communities or heros in the hearts of the people they serve and care for.  


We are honoured and humbled because all our ambassadors act as partners with us, rather than using our cause as a way of promoting their own personal brand.  Some are keener than others to appear with us in public, yet they all work hard and have never asked for a fee in return for talking the Ambassadorial talk or for the expertise they contribute.  They have appeared on film, spoken on radio, contributed recipes, designed menus, fronted cooking clases, supplied ingredients, encouraged sponsors, written articles and even washed dishes.


All of our Ambassadors, visable or not, are true contributors to the TBF Community and we thank them.