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Does my Big Feed need to be a dinner party? No, it can be any sort of gathering combining food, drink, culture, fun and giving. 


What is TBF Crew? A crew is a way you can gather together a group of Hosts and create that team-building sort of feeling. For instance, if you work for a large corporate in NSW, then you might like to add your total to another Host who works for the same company in WA. Maybe seek out folks with a passion for a particular ingredient and create a Crew that calls on Hosts to use that ingredient in the dishes they prepare.  The options are all yours, so be inventive (but polite).


I feel uncomfortable asking my friends to donate, what can you suggest? Well, if your friends are your friends then sometimes all you need to do is ask and they will give, just to support a cause that you believe in. It might be easier to ask for donations of “stuff” that will allow you to raise funds via a raffle or sale. Rather than approach your friends, perhaps you know a local business who might like to Register as a Trader market their wares to our Hosts. 


Can I deposit/transfer donations I collect direct to your bank account? Yes, our bank account details are: BSB 063 505 A/C 1024 5470 Please reference with your SURNAME and send an email to info@thebigfeed.com.au so we can send you a receipt.


Can TBF issue tax deductible receipts for all my guests? Please note, only donations for $2.00 or more are tax deductible. If your guests sponsor your event by donating online, the system will issue them a confirmation receipt. If you collect donations from friends and make a single deposit (as above) then send us details of the receipts you require and we will issue them, either to you for distribution, or to your guests directly if you list their email address.


Can we create a Big Feed event and donate to you via websites like My Cause and Everyday Hero? You can find the Children’s Food Education Foundation on My Cause  and we were thinking of joining Everyday Hero, but sites like these charge pretty big fees, so we would much rather you Register as a Host or Give Now


How will the money we donate be spent? All proceeds from The Big Feed will go toward the development of innovative educational resources, improved kitchen facilities and delivery of independent living, health and fitness skills training, in collaboration with State and Territory based organizations caring for children and young people. Funds will be allocated based on the postcode location nominated by each Host registration.


Yes we get the picture, but can you give us some examples of what our donations will fund? OK, printing 100 copies of FUEL, our living skills handbook, (small print run, good paper stock, bound properly, full colour) costs approximately $5,000 or a cooking class for 20 young people (4 volunteers, ingredients, venue hire, insurance, travel, printing) costs around $2,000 or development of a new Feed Yourself DVD would cost around $25,000 (filming, editing, content, production etc).


Are TBF payments secure? Our online payment gateway is managed by eWAY who have been certified as a trusted partner by all major credit card companies because they adhere to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) which ensures that sensitive customer data and the security of all systems that have access to this sensitive information is maintained and secured at all times.


Will I be sent a Host or Trader Kit? Our seed funding was allocated to developing our awesome website, so until and unless we can find some sponsors, we couldn’t possibly justify the cost of printing and mailing you bits of paper and balloons emblazoned with our logo.  We trust our Hosts will be creative enough to theme their events or not, as they like.


Our Logo

Please download our logo file and use it to create your own invitations.  Please note, by downloading, you agree to use the logo in the best interests of The Big Feed and for the purposes of promoting our cause and your event.


The creative team behind TBF look and feel is Coast Design who would love to create an amazing theme just for you!